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JOLSE is the best global beauty distributor that links beauty brands and customers directly, and has earned its reputation as the best place to purchase beauty products at the best value with superb customer service. JOLSE not only acts as the best place for purchasing, but also acts as a marketing partner for beauty brands, promoting beauty brands and products to be more searched and purchased by potential customers.

JOLSE’s revolutionary beauty retailing concept to link customers directly with brand, our brands and products are ever-increasing, and over 170 beauty brands are collaborating with JOLSE to get linked with customers directly. JOLSE’s professional team collaborates with brands to provide the best products at the best value possible to customers and shares customers’ love for brands and products with brand owners for future product development and promotions for customers.

JOLSE.com - Launched in South Korea in 2013, and is ranked as 27th beauty website in the US. Jolse.com has a wide range of beauty brands and products; over 170 brands and over 27,000 products which can be accessed and purchased worldwide at the best value with free shipping service.

JOLSE App. – Obsessed to satisfy customers’ needs in everchanging IT environment, JOLSE has launched Applications for both iOS and Android so our customers can reach JOLSE anytime and anywhere.

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Merchandising Submissions

There is a standard process for new brand product submissions. In order to submit your products to JOLSE Merchandising team, please contact our merchandising team through sales@jolse.com for submission and discussion. Once submitted, one of specialist in our Merchandising team will contact you shortly and provide any feedback.